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          I was born and raised in the heart of Brooklyn, New York, where style, culture, and resilience built our community of Crown Heights. Every street, and every block was filled with music, ethnic food, and deep-rooted language that held us together. Growing up, as a youth, I was surrounded by family and friends that were constantly exploring their love for art, and developing their creativity. Inspired, it was then I had discovered a love of my own. Photography and Filmmaking.

          Good art makes you see what the artist sees, as that is often the case. However, I believe, great art makes you feel it. That is why more than anything, I love to photograph and film people. The emotions we share, and the experiences that connect us are the centerpieces that make life so breathtaking. Therefore, what better emotion to capture and relive than LOVE.


          With every shutter, my objective is exactly that. Not just to take photographs, but to capture moments. Moments that evoke the sentiments you expressed on your special day with the ones you love. Moments that when you look back on, will remind you of the affections you felt from the ones you cherish. A small mark in time that may have happened ever so quickly, but made to last a lifetime and beyond. 



          Although, my investment collections note that there is one main photographer or filmmaker, BLANCHARDFILM is in fact a two-man team involving me and the love of my life, my wife, Brittany Blanchard. Without her, the realization of becoming a full-time artist and creator would not have been possible. Most often she is usually setting up equipment or shooting alongside me to ensure I get the perfect shot. Even so, aside from helping me, she also runs her own business as a wedding planner; SB WEDDINGS & EVENTS. 

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